Miami destination wedding

Miami destination wedding pros and cons

Miami destination wedding locations are some of the most sought after in North America… The most obvious reason being the cost to travel to this destination and the climate. However there are a number of useful resources in the Miami area that prudent couples want to utilize that will not only increase their overall savings but give them and their guests an amazing wedding experience.

In March 2012 WeddingChannel.Com and the Knot.Com released their annual survey on wedding statistics in North America. They listed Sothern Florida which included Miami, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas as the ninth most expensive location to get married in the US during the year 2011. While this can be the case, with the right wedding planning service your costs can be cut by as much as sixty percent (60%)*.

When planning a wedding there are five fundamental aspects that both the bride and the groom must focus on to create a memorable experience. Primarily the venue is usually the most important and takes center stage in a wedding. Next is the catering which complements the venue and ambiance that will be set.

The floral arrangements are critical to the overall theme of a Miami wedding setting and makes weddings in the city a highlight as the colors of the national flower of Florida (the orange blossom) are white and yellow and hence are constantly used. The attire of the wedding party sets the mood and works well in complementing the previous four aspects.

Finally the crown piece to the event is the wedding cake. This is the final awe factor of a wedding that will make it a wonderful success. Putting these crucial aspects together to create a coordinated event in the city of Miami can be a very gruesome task for those not familiar with the area. So let us examine these aspects in greater detail to help anyone in their endeavor to have a Miami wedding.

Most Rated And Popular Wedding Venues In Miami
The answer to this question depends on whether or not you and your fiancé want to have a traditional wedding ceremony (held in a church) or an open setting. Undoubtedly the most popular location is the Zen House located in South Miami. This location is beautiful for outdoor wedding ceremonies and can house the reception in the same location. The wedding package here is possibly the most rated in Miami. We give this location five stars and encourage anyone to check out the reviews on this venue. While the Zen house does provide catering and reception services, even a wedding planner it might not be the most frugal option. You might well be better off paying only for the venue and then using other services to complement your event.

Wedding Caterers In Miami, Florida
Hands down sites like the WeddingWire.Com rate the A Alexander Event LLC as the best wedding caterers with the most positive reviews. On first look they do seem to have a very limited menu and that is because each and every menu is created from scratch. However this is one cost that you don’t want to scrimp on. You want to ensure that the food being served at the reception is at the very least on par. A wedding ceremony can be beautiful and can be spoilt by a poorly prepared meal at the reception. This company dishes range between twenty four dollars and two hundred and twenty five dollars per person. This can make your wedding a very costly venture but every wedding planner will tell you that this is one of the most important aspects of a wedding experience.


Floral Arrangements in Miami destination wedding

The sky is the limit…really. Centerpieces can be created based on your preferred color, shape or size, it all has to do with the budget.

TIP: The most important fact about choosing floral arrangements is the color and the season. The Florida Orange Blossom is ideal for white and yellow colors along with a May and June wedding date.

Getting The Right Wedding Attire In Miami
Wedding attire is divided between the bridal and groom parties. For wedding dresses the best spot to go is Bellissima Bridal Designs. They have possibly the widest variety of wedding gowns for the bride and complementing bridal party wear. While this will be expensive, you can also rent the gowns which will be light on the eyes and even lighter on your budget. For Tuxedos the groom is best off visiting Ted Barry Tuxedos in Deerfield Beach. For even beach wedding tuxedos Ted Barry has the most unique line. They also have Big and Tall or better known as XXXL sized clothing. It is important to note again that the color of the attire of both the bridal party and the groom’s men must complement and blend well with the floral arrangements, venue decorations and wedding date. Many people make the mistake of having a traditional wedding in the mid summer which can make both the bride and groom highly uncomfortable due to the heat.

Wedding Cakes To Top It Off
Miami Florida has some of the best bakeries in the US. Wedding cakes can be themed and the most popular bakers are just a phone call away: (561)-243-ALEX.

Other important aspects of making your Miami destination wedding a success include, photographers and videographers, invitations and wedding favors, ceremony and reception musicians, wedding gifts and registries and finally licensing requirements. When all of these are put together the task of creating a great wedding experience can undoubtedly be overwhelming. This is why a wedding package is always recommended.

The major advantage of choosing a wedding package versus choosing to do it on your own is the cost. A package gives you a tailored wedding experience that fits within your budget. Planners and experts in the Miami area can design a tailor made package that fits within your budget. Too many weddings go well above budget due to poor planning. Contact us when looking for a Miami destination wedding 561-243-2539.

We can offer a lot of assistance in creating a unique wedding package. Contact us by phone for assistance or request a proposal from one of our wedding experts.

(561)-243-ALEX or, we look forward to working with you!!!

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